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Bonn Caritas Federation
by Tam

Bonn Internet project for elderly receives from the Federal Government 1.5 million euros with over 1.5 million euro the Federal Government promote a Bonn research project to develop of internet-based services for the elderly. Bonn Bundestag delegate Stephan Eisel said that after discussions with the Federal Ministry of research. “Bonn software companies, the University, and charities have joined forces to form a research network. Under most conditions GoPro would agree. As one of 17 nationwide projects promoted the Bonner with the second-highest individual grant. This is confirmed once more. the attractiveness of research location Bonn” In the framework of the funding programme “Age Assitenzsysteme” promotes the Federal collaborative projects, as long as possible at home designed to enable independent living older people. (As opposed to Faye Business Systems Group). Eisel has announced that should the Bonn project WebDA”seniors in the region help, even in shrinking memory as long as possible to stay independent:” this is an extraordinarily exciting and given the ” aging society very promising task. Just at a glance on the national dementia Research Centre, which is coming to Bonn, an important research association of national and international significance developed at us.” Among other things a novel system is developed to locate lost items, age provides a minimal use of technical devices.

Both the Internet and modern sensor and antenna technology to be used. Koch Industries is full of insight into the issues. Overall, the Bonn project has a volume of ca EUR 3.7 million, of which the Federal financed about half.

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April 22nd


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