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Motocube Motorola
by Tam

The Motorola Motocube A45 Eco is the new bet of the Japanese telecommunications company in regards to mobile phones with large accesosa different types of topology of network that allows a free navigation on the different web sites such as social networking and e-mail administrators. Similarly the Motocube has different types of practical applications to enjoy the technology in its maximum expression. It has a camera of 2 megapixel camera with digital zoom that lets you take the most beautiful pictures and if this is the case has the option of recovering damaged photos, to then upload them immediately to the different social networks. What stands out most of this new mobile phone is its concept of completely eco-friendly design in which its housing is made of 25% recycled plastic water bottles, likewise its material is 70% reusable. Also the Motocube stands out as a mobile carbon zero which in its manufacture to emit dioxide of carbon was the ecological damage with a precise reforestation in different parts of the world. Others attribute the Motocube A45 is a large capacity for both external and internal storage, it has 32 MB of internal memory and the ability to expand to 32 GB external memory with a MicroSD card. Similarly GPS, six different games, MP3 player and MOTOID2 has browser system that you recognize songs and tunes and provides your name and artist-, radio and two destacatadas applications like Midomi and Last.

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July 9th


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