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Real Estate Transactions
by Tam

Thus, the common perception. Realtors – (at best) are not too burdened by his conscience and honesty, a person engaged in real estate transactions, driven solely their own benefit and greed, (at worst) – frank scammer. By this view, it is unlikely that you can add, especially if we recall quite eerie stories of scandalous tv shows, tv news crime stories, stories of grandmothers on benches. Although the peak of scams in the area Real estate was in the 1993-1996 city, the memory of them still alive. Now, according to experts.

To begin with, that the very name of the specialty fairly young, as a profession realtor. Yes, and spelling words correctly and as realtors, and how realtor and the realtor will also be true. Russian version – a real estate agent with different variations (the manager of real estate, real estate professionals and the like). Some real estate agencies are trying to to disguise their activities, being called the Center for Real Estate, housing, legal agency, store sales of apartments, etc. Learn more about this with Sandra Akmansoy. Perhaps this comes from the uncertainty of the founders of agencies in their ability to reverse negative public opinion of all firms in real estate. Of course, the credibility of the profession is strongly eroded, making themselves and agency staff in need of psychological preparation of the first of its professional way and measures of psychological rehabilitation in the process. Not so smooth in this profession. The fact that a successful real estate agent should have the basics of psychology, economics, pedagogy, to be some builders and architects, lawyers and advertising specialists.

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May 13th


Yaroslavi Entertainment
by Tam

You are going to an ancient Russian city of Yaroslavl. On vacation, at work or travel – it's not important. Where to stay up at night? Here's a question that touches everyone. Yaroslavl is a golden ring of Russia, so he does not suffer lack of tourists, especially foreigners. For them, the city built a few 4-star hotel, well, the rest of the hotel, too, want to attract maximum visitors to their desired. In this regard, there is a problem big prices hotel room in any hotel. What is the alternative? Rent an apartment. Price an apartment is always less than the cost of a similar room at the hotel.

See, what better rent an apartment or room? apartment on the day Yaroslavl price from 550 to 2,500 rubles, the presence of food in the apartment, a wide selection of apartments, including the historic city center, providing reports; to meet w / train station; provision of taxi services at a lower price, Ladies and Gentlemen! I would like to invite you to our great city of Yaroslavl, where this summer will mark 1,000 years since the founding of the city! And so I encourage those who want to come to our city for a great feast for the earlier worry about booking a hotel or rent an apartment for a day! As the saying goes Prepare sleighs in summer and winter bike! Come be fun! Welcome to our beautiful city will be happy to meet you! We offer daily rental apartments for those who respect themselves and take your money. Yaroslavl – one of the most beautiful cities in the country. This peculiarity of the "Golden Ring of Russia" has started a history of about 1000 years ago, when Rostov, Prince Yaroslav the Wise founded at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl fortress city, naming it after himself. Yaroslavl was to protect the approaches to the largest city of Rostov then Great. For several centuries, Yaroslavl grown from a small outpost in the big city, which became a center of culture and commerce of the ancient state. By the number of churches and monasteries, he competed with the capitals many principalities. And its good geographical position has allowed to become the largest item of trade routes. Yaroslavl through trade routes in the Eastern countries (the Volga) and Europe (through Arkhangelsk).

Many merchants had to City of their monastery. Was highly developed crafts, fishing, iconography, architecture. High rate was under construction. By the XVII century Yaroslavl in population came in second place in the country, giving Moscow alone. Do not lag behind in their development and the arts. At the end of XVII century was opened in Yaroslavl, Russia's first public theater. With the founding of St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl lost the value of the main trade route from the West, but began to develop as an industrial center.

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August 4th


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