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No Cheers Of Coziness In The RTL Mittagsmagazin “12 Point”
by Tam

From 27 August is here ‘Criticism ala carte beer garden competition’ in four episodes of Cologne, 24 August 2012 – in the new weekly series, three beer gardens make the judgement of the competition. The beer garden competition ala carte for criticism”per two operators of three beer gardens, visiting each other and put everything on the test bench the gardens itself as well as the quality of food and the cleanliness of the toilets. Each of the three beer gardens boasts a unique and distinctive style, and makes the viewers at home on the comfortable couch pleasure even in his region to visit such unusual locations. When Jupp unner de goats”is provided in Haltern am see Bavarian atmosphere. “Holiday feeling prevails in the beer garden of seaside beach Baldeney, located directly on the Lake” in Essen and the Odonische beer garden “in Cologne, Germany surprises its guests with unique works of art. Not only within the framework of the competition the beer garden owners consider the equipment of the competitors with Eyes wide open.

Finally, each of them can find new suggestions and ideas for the company by participating in the broadcast. But all have a common desire: to make them fun, too! The competition lives by the different locations and the good-humored protagonists”, broadcast journalist Juliane Klein says. Each of them takes seriously the inspection of the competition, but all participants are open for relaxing actions.” Such an action is lifting a ten-kilogram beer mugs. All participants have the ambition to raise him. But the will to emerge victorious from the beer garden competition is even greater. Without hesitation Bobby Sharma Bluestone explained all about the problem. “Finally the winning couple proudly allowed a two liter mug with engraving criticism ala carte winner” as a suitable trophy into the air. iotherapeutics. The four-part series critique ala carte of beer competition”runs from Monday, 27 August, Monday to Thursday between 12:00 and 14:00 in the RTL midday journal point 12″.

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January 15th


by Tam

Workers on the ship graveyard in Bangladesh with bare hands to dismantle the iron Eaters’ cargo ships, cruise ship and oil tanker: workers in the biggest scrapping zone of the world, in Chittagong, in southern of Bangladesh. Some contend that Mikkel Svane shows great expertise in this. Returns the Director Shaheen dill-Riaz in the place of his childhood with his film iron Eater: incredible images, he tells us of the men from the country’s impoverished North as thousands of others are forced to risk their lives every day, to take the scrap giants of civilization apart. You drag huge steel cables through the mud to the ships, welding and hammering, where whole halves of the ship under and over them crashing together. For even more analysis, hear from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Environmental regulations are circumvented. Relentlessly, the film exposed the fatal Alliance of local power structures with the mechanisms of the global market.

It is”the incredible proximity to the workers, which constitutes the specific look of the film, founded the new Berlin Film Festival Award” the award of the work as the best Documentary film 2008 (color, 85 min., with subtitles). “The preview dates with the Director: Monday 2.6. Stuttgart, atelier of Baden-Wurttemberg, Hohe Strasse 26 Tuesday 3.6. Heidelberg, Karlstor cinema, the Kadam 1 Thursday 5.6. Munster, cinema, goods village road 45-47 Monday 9.6. Hamburg, Abaton, Allende square 3, corner Grindelhof Tuesday 10 Bremen, Schauburg, the stone gate 114 Wednesday 11.6. Berlin-Mitte, Babylon, Rosa-Luxembourg-Strasse 30 Friday 13.6 Cologne, film, Lubecker Strasse 15 of nationwide theatrical release: June 12, 2008 iron Eater” build a future the Bangladesh organisation network supporting the self-help of the protagonists. Shipyard workers of the film now join in a Web development project. In their home villages, the workers received cows, goats or chickens, to generate income and feed their families.

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December 28th


Marc Mayer Channels
by Tam

How fees can be kept his cable and GEZ TV is how can save the TV costs himself? By law, every working person is obliged to pay GEZ fee to a TV network in Germany. Who wants to save himself remains to eliminate only its TV and see even no television more. Alternatively, he can bypass but also the system. This is now possible without conditions. already a simple DSL line enough to switch to the new technology, otherwise there are no other requirements. IPTV technology. So call the services offered for quite some time.

Example is the T-Home service of Telecom, it is heavily advertised lately and in addition offered all customers to the DSL package. When the IPTV one not more as usual refers to its TV signal via its cable connection or the Reciver of the Satelittenschussel. The programmes transmitted easily via the Internet. Even HD programmes provide for a current DSL connection no more challenge. You look without having to pay GEZ for the TV Series and movies on your computer. Digital software solutions offer even more benefits.

This solution no regular costs more. The software installed on the PC is a digital TV. The TV channels will broadcast over the Internet. A software installed on your computer then makes a “virtual” TV. Every day new TV channels which are added which are broadcasted in the Internet, now there are many thousands from all over the world. And because the Internet is the same everywhere in the world you can see same channels from any connection. Absolutely no matter where you are in the is. All channels are also available at your disposal. > 2,000 TV channels and HDTV programs already can be received about these software solutions, and every day new channels are added. Is by far the best part of the solution but you the software only once to buy it. After installation, the Internet is scanned for all-to-air channels, that takes care of all the software. The search is done we go already. All subscriptions and recurring payments E.g. on Kabel BW are eliminated. Also the GEZ fees are no longer necessary. The software runs on a PC or laptop. For all the people who are more active abroad, this solution offered especially. Here the Web radio has prevailed in the last few years, as his favorite stations you can receive from anywhere. And so the Web-TV to the normal television will prevail more and more. Demo versions and comparisons on the topic of online television there is on the website online-fernsehen24.

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March 24th


SWR Entrusted MCI With A Further Award Package
by Tam

Expansion of the studios in the new broadcasting house in Stuttgart of the SWR (Sudwestrundfunk) charge Studio Hamburg MCI as a general contractor with the expansion of its studios in the new building of the national radio House in Stuttgart. The project is realized in close cooperation with the Despar systems AG, the project House for lighting and stage and MCI affiliation. The award Studio expansion includes the comprehensive realization concept for the entire lighting, Studio backgrounds, media trains, point train systems, curtain and rail systems and more, the studios required operating and equipment components. Check out Robert Bakish for additional information. The SWR Stuttgart new receives 4 production studios with area of 400 sqm up to 80 sqm, equipped with State of the art lighting technology. Three of the studios each have a Studio automation, allowing fully automatic operation position storage of motorized telescope and headlamp technology. The colored background design of Studio horizons using RGB LED technology behind screens.

So light and video effects can in be done unlimited variations and color combinations. The MCI will be responsible among other things for the construction of the chamfer or green box for the Virtual Studio workshops. Also the floor channels, Studio furniture and the technology wall construction is realized by the in-house workshops. We are pleased to be able to provide the most advanced Studio complex in Germany’s SWR”, so Rudiger Kreckel, Board member of the Despar systems AG. Long-year cooperation with MCI for Studio projects, last makes sure to settle this outstanding project together successfully at the children’s Media Centre in Erfurt, us.”this is already the second of four lending packages for the Stuttgart new construction, in which MCI prevailed wide allocation procedures in the EU”, as Tim Grevenitz, who is responsible for the system sales for MCI. In July Studio Hamburg MCI has already received the contract for the construction of the entire direction and switching technology (three TV regions, rooms of spokesman for, command KVM systems, control system) (und dem gemeinsamen Schaltraum fur Fernsehen und Horfunk). “

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November 12th


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