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Management by objectives (MBO) of a clear premise, the evaluation of workers will be based on meeting the goals by the employee. Apparently, this represents progress, but also has its weaknesses. The guru is considered the father of this theory, which has more than fifty years, designed to measure the performance of people beyond subjective considerations, based on meeting the goals that you set, linking them with business goals, also reach them. In principle, the theory is simple, and have repeatedly called for more attention to the performance of employees at the time in the workplace, as is customary in many businesses. This is not to be fifty hours a week in the company, but doing your job. Once you set those goals and their measurement, the process apparently is simplified. The worker knows what to do and how he evaluated. It can serve also to establish a career, based on compliance with various items, and thus promote the improvement of the employee.

Normally, to set goals meet the employee and his superior, and define what the work to be done and goals to meet the short term, periodically, will assess the performance of the same, and after the evaluation period is done the valuation of work. However, the technique has a number of problems, I had occasion to see in several cases: – Depending on the job, and especially the higher ranking it in less suited to a rigid description of tasks. In descriptions of goals made for a quality manual, I perceived in a certain job evaluation is complex based on a few items, because the manager's job is often much more varied, complex and politically, and it is difficult to reduce it to simple objectives – In addition, excessive standardization of objectives and Individual tasks can be completed in a bureaucratic way, in the pejorative sense of the term "that's not my job" or "I can not deal with this theme and I have to do this other", and reduced opportunities for innovation , if we define excess needs to be done, what possibilities are for creativity or spontaneity? What is better than the person serving the client attempts to solve the problem reasonably, or fulfilling the manual and is not resolved? – In many cases, there are issues not only depend on one person, but because of the interrelationship between departments and between processes, their achievement depends on several employees.

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