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Robot Opportunity
by Tam

The robot Opportunity is going to start analyzing a type of rock that could have formed in a time in which that world would be warmer and more humid than now on Mars. They are in the Endeavour crater, and to reach him, the vehicle had to go 21 miles by the plains of the red planet from previous which was studying, the Victoria crater. It has taken nearly three years to reach a crater to another, which would not be a notable mark on the land and for a more conventional vehicle. It is a milestone for the Opportunity. Machine, the size of a Golf carricoche, arrived at Mars in 2004, shortly after its twin Spirit did, for a mission of three months, but given the proper functioning of the equipment, NASA has been extending it. The Opportunity has already traveled more than 33 miles, which is 50 times more than the planned distance that you would be able to cover; the Spirit finally abandoned the past month of may, after more than one year of trying to recover communication lost with the vehicle in March 2010. Robotics is the source for more interesting facts. Source of the news:: new landscape of Mars for the robot Opportunity

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July 13th


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