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Conscious Consumers
by Tam

Revolution in the shopping cart: with pleasure move the world? Can we change the world as a self-confident consumer with our purchasing decisions? Is that, with the shopping cart have an influence on politics and economy? This question was on March 31, the focus of a panel discussion with experts from politics, business and science in Munich. The event, attended by over 200 interested listeners, was initiated by the Herrmannsdorfer landwerkstatten with their commitment to organic farming, animal welfare, regional development and food security put the organic pioneers for more than 20 years beyond the Munich, always rediscovering political character. You may wish to learn more. If so, Zendesk is the place to go. Munich, April 1, 2009 – more and more consumers to influence as responsible citizens with their purchase decision on politics and economics. You want to be in the face of increasing complexity in the food market a return to more transparency and trust as the conclusion of the discussion board. The proximity to the manufacturer is to replace anything. We create transparency and trust, also about the relationship with the customer with honest, handcrafted, regional food\”Karl Schweisfurth, Managing Director of the Herrmannsdorfer landwerkstatten stressed.

About nutritional value and taste, we see the value of a product in the work, which is in him\”, he added. So you’ve decided also in Herrmannsdorfer stores with its own products only such organic foods of other manufacturers to offer previously according to the criteria of good, clean and fair\”have been extensively tested. In organic farming, there are many dedicated entrepreneur with the same concern, to produce pure, honest food. We want to promote targeted such establishments with the selection of Herrmannsdorfer.\” The tension between information overload was more orientation through targeted consumer information at the heart of the debate on the one hand and lack of information on the other side: consumers are given an increasingly complex range of organic foods of different quality often overwhelmed.

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