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The yield on fishing rafting on the river, it's almost always a struggle of opposites: the adventure and hardship, a decent dose of adrenaline and rest for the soul, happy moments and bad luck. More information is housed here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. And that the trip left more pleasant memories, let me fisherman with many years to offer a few rules and tips for organizing a campaign. The scheme of travel and route choice directly affect the selection of gear and equipment. For example, without the rafts and boats there is no fishing on the track or sheer trolling. In fast flowing rivers useless catch Donkey and and use fly fishing is not suitable for narrow rivers. About these things can be said for a long time, we choose the craft. Purpose this article is to enumerate all the things that it is desirable to have on hand in any journey.

If this water campaign, it is usually necessary to take the spinning inertia reel and rod (telescope, for sheer and catching on mormyshku) as the most versatile gear for their lightness, compactness and reliability. Where and what to catch you and so you know. Having these tackles, chances of catching a minnow, track, fly fishing, Donkey, a ship, tyukalkoy (with twin spinning or gum). The choice and number of fishing line, spinners, hooks, mormyshkas, wobblers, reels, bait and feeding, flies and leashes deal themselves fishermen. Advise only must all be carefully put into boxes, cases, cans and packages so that they have not lost their purpose and not lost in the property.

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February 3rd


Silk Painting
by Tam

Batik is a kind of hand-painted on silk using reserving trains. Batik – Indonesian word. Tik means "point" or "drop", ba – cloth. Ambatik – paint, weep, to hatch. On silk (wet, dry, hot) applied the appropriate dyes. For a clear separation of colors in batik used reserve (special composition (usually on the basis of petrol, paraffin)). There are many ways of painting fabrics, such as: cold batik Hot batik, batik nodosa, free painting. They differ mainly by the method of drawing on fabric dyes, and, in general, their technology is very diverse.

Batik can do almost everything from shawls, scarves to gorgeous painted clothing. Batik fits perfectly into the interior apartments, office buildings, etc. as decorative wall panels. Panels on silk is an excellent handmade gifts. Silk scarves handmade will be an excellent addition to your clothes. They can be worn on the head.

Silk scarves are a great gift both you and your family. Choosing the neckerchief should pay attention to skin color, etc. Future owner. Silk scarves in batik will add charm to any woman who decorated her everyday costume unique touch. Scarves come in various colors. Neck scarves can be made in any batik.

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April 10th


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