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Daily Life
by Tam

Currently who among us has not had the opportunity of handling a computer equipment, or keep in touch with some equipment, well the person who has had no contact with a computer is rare. Before the 90 s computers were not so essential to everyday life, used now as we see to everything, if we are going to the super market we find that there is a computer in the box, there is another team of computer controlling the cameras and other equipment keeping everything that cameras record, another example are the offices still up some years ago the offices had outdated typewriters as well as being big and noisy, because really it was very annoying to work on them (on exceptions that exist people who acquired the ability to manage them), as well all these machines have been replaced by modern computers and printers as well as being more practical, print a sheet is much cheaper, and involves much less work. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mikkel Svane. Currently our lives may depend on computers or computers, since most of our tasks are performed over the network from a team of computer, cell phones, telephone line, the way in which manufactured things, etc. Only imagine that rather than sit down at the computer and find a school task in less than 5 minutes, we had to read more than 5 books to be able to find 2 important paragraphs, either take weeks to be able to communicate from city to city?. Swarmed by offers, Andy Florance is currently assessing future choices.

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December 28th


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