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Africa: Great Investments
by Tam

THE AFRICAN CONTINENT: MAIN ATTRACTION OF the INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS, ALSO BRAZILIAN Fbio Dos Reis Garczarek world-wide the economic crisis has accented the disposal of replanejamento in the market of international investments in the developed countries, this work aims at to especially clarify the economic context of the African continent and its international relations before other countries and Brazil. In this context, Africa if detaches as a new border and also as a challenge for the too much developing countries. Isearch has plenty of information regarding this issue. The investments in the African countries if make, in a generalized manner, in the sector of commodities. However, areas as technology of the information and infrastructure have gained each time more relevance. Such transformations alone had been possible through the local politics of support the foreign companies, as the creation of Agencies of Promotion the financial Investments and corporative management. These agencies had contributed and invested in sectors that stimulate all the economy of African continent, as well as politics of improvement of the image of the African countries front to the investors.

Some African countries had received greater have detached in recent years. By the same author: Energy Capital Partners London. Hunger was pointed by the Organization of United Nations (ONU) as one of the countries that more acted in the reduction of the social assimetrias, got a great economic cooperation. In 2005, the country closes agreement with multilateral organisms and gets the cancellation of its divides external. In 2006, the Chinese first-minister Wen Jiabao announces the loan of 66 million dollar for projects in the area of telecommunications in Hunger. In 2007, the World Bank approves economic aid of 110 million dollar for this African nation. In March of 2008, the country receives millions from dollar for investment in sustainable agriculture, and still and gans president Kufuor and Luiz Incio Silva Lula da Silva, of Brazil, had inaugurated headquarters of the Company (Embrapa), in Acra, and signs agreement for the production of biocombustvel oil, being great transformations and advance, route to the social development, economic politician and of the African continent.

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April 15th


by Tam

To learn and to teach Geography for the Interactive way are fascinating, poissuas possibilities to develop and to stimulate new acquisitions deconhecimento is still ample and full of new features. Thus informticacomo tool of support to the process teach-learning, is one recursoque allows to work with the contents of geography computational utilizandoprogramas, that uniting practical theory and can guarantee nofuturo, great professionals. This article comes to show and to reflect sobrealguns works and challenges of the education of geography in century XXI, focando the use of the Geotecnologias.Palavras Keys: Geography. Process teach-learning. Geotecnologias 1.Introduo From the decade of 70, with the great evolution of the technology of computer science, the aerofotogrametria and the remote sensoriamento, became possible to get, to store and to represent geoespaciais information in computational environment, opening space for the sprouting of the Geoprocessamento, starting from there a new way to study and to monitor the changes that occur in the terrestrial surface. Being thus together with the process of teach-learning in geographic sciences, appears a thought more contemporary who not only must be absorbed by the current educators in the education of Geography, but in all sciences. Old in Geography the pupils had contact with basic the theoretical conceptualization that involves the use of space data.

This theoretical conceptualization, however, was not considered as enough to become the pupil capable to abstract its applications. It was considered, then, that the pupils had an initial contact with practical of the use of softwares of Geoprocessamento/Geotecnologia and its products so that this capacity was developed during its pertaining to school life, university and that, possibly, would be used in elapsing of its professional performance. Breaking of these ideas this article it comes to show in clear way use of programs as Spring, Arc Gis, Adobe Ilustration, Google Earth, AutoCAD Map amongst that helps in the process of agreement and analysis of the space, fitting to the educators to stimulate since early these pupils if to make familiar to these new more practical and modern tools.

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September 13th


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