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In Sunday’s election, the autonomous fact has only been really present in those communities with strong representation from nationalist parties, who use this opportunity to bring to Parliament their secessionist differential and, on occasion, messages. So strong is this tendency, which until the PSC, apart from using the inevitable claim of Rodriguez Zapatero, has excluded their ballots the names of candidates not Catalan, except the head of the list, Lopez Aguilar, of course. Thus, Ascend in the order of priority Maria Badia, Raimon Obiols, and the other four local Socialists. Moreover, like Holland first country whose electoral results have been known, Spain votes in these elections in key national: primaries are to end up throwing to Zapatero, according to Mariano Rajoy insists. To broaden your perception, visit tech investor. The other variable of an openwork much smaller is knowing if Sosa Wagner, the candidate of the Party of Rosa Diez, gets to sit in Strasbourg.

So it would ratify a third way after its modest success nationally and in the Basque country which so much seems to bother to the two major parties. Valencian more of this campaign have been the allusions to the Gurtel case. By Jorge Alarte, trying to undermine on the credibility of the PP. and the people’s Party, on the other hand, extolling the honesty of Paco Camps, with a massive rally to which the Minister of immigration, Rafael Blasco, managed to attract 2,600 foreign residents. Everything else is anecdotal. It is already known beforehand, given their output jobs, which will seat the popular Garcia Margallo and Eva Ortiz and Andres Perello and Josefa Andres, Socialists with independence that its role in this campaign has been necessarily secondary. No other candidate Valencian 35 Parties present in these elections will come to the European Parliament. One, as the leader of UV, Jose Manuel Miralles, presents, blessed naivety, to achieve those meager official advertising space that then nobody listens.

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June 14th


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