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Total Innovation Management
by Tam

The following work focuses on the study and the rationalization of concepts relating to innovation, under the management of organizations. Not pursue a comprehensive malaria analysis of the realities in which these concepts are evident but a detail of each of the theoretical abtsracciones. Among them, Gibbons’ Mode 2, the Total Innovation Management (TIM), the Conversion Process of Knowledge and its protection, and the influence of Information Technology and Communications in developing the knowledge economy.

Mode 2 This concept is embodied in the late 90s’ by Michael Gibbons and six associates in the book “The New Production of Knowledge” from the analysis, study and understanding of the fundamental changes that were generated and being created around the way in which scientific knowledge is generated, social and cultural. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more. The new form of knowledge production is reforming the manner to which we are most familiar with, that we associate with scientific institutions, universities, research centers and academic centers. A way of producing the deep-rooted, more discipline, characterized by its homogeneity and a usually academic context or a specific group, Gibbons called the “mode 1”, while the other type of production, developed in an application context that transcends formal disciplines and is characterized by heterogeneity, it is called “mode 2”. It is important to mention that this new mode is not conceptualized as a replacement for Gibbons but as a complement to the traditional way. This new generation of knowledge in pursuing the usefulness of a specific area of a particular industry or a government, although the solutions of the problems are built around specific applications, products inevitably branch out and extend to other compartments of society, to other disciplines.. Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article.

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