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Social Nets
by Tam

Social net a social net is a composed social structure for people or organizations, hardwired for one or some types of relations, that partilham common values and objectives. One of the basic characteristics in the definition of the nets is its opening and porosity, making possible horizontal and not hierarchic relationships between the participants. Nets are not, therefore, only another form of structure, but almost not a structure, in the direction of that it has left of its force is in the ability of if making and undoing quickly. The social nets can operate in different levels, as, for example, professional nets of relationships (Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Twitter, Tymr), nets (Linkedin), communitarian nets (social nets in quarters or cities), nets politics, amongst others, and allow to analyze the form as the organizations develop its activity, as the individuals reach its objectives or to measure the capital stock? the value that the individuals get of the social net. A point in common amongst the diverse types of social net it is the sharing of information, knowledge, interests and efforts in search of common objectives.

The intensification of the formation of the social nets, in this direction, reflects a process of reinforcement of the Civil Society, in a context of bigger democratic participation and social mobilization. The idea of social net started to be used has about a century behind, to assign to a complex set of relations between members of a social system the different dimensions, since the interpersonal one to the International. In 1954, J. the Barnes started to use the term systematically to show to the standards of the bows, incorporating the used concepts traditionally wants for the society wants for the social scientists: well defined groups (former.: social tribes, families) and categories (former.: gnero, ethnic group).



October 26th


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