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We've all seen this Christmas in the malls as they appeared, for example in the center aisles of stores temporary stands or specific brands that are for a specific period and then disappear. The result thereof is increasingly effective, with the advantage of allowing the trade to test the result of that mall, even before deciding to open a permanent facility there, or just use the booth at specific periods of the year to strengthen sales with that extra selling point. Differences between a stand, corner store or ephemeral: they are all temporary stands. The corner is usually within a store (which are typical in the English Court). The stores often offer ephemeral remains of stocks.

The audience has walked, and even now walking because of the rebates by shopping centers as if the old town square or main street is involved. They use the mall as a place to find a wide variety of activities. According to the professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and an expert in sales, Javier Fuentes Merino, entertainment customer "wearing a chip" consumer predisposition. Therefore, shopping centers, cinemas, stations, spaces sportsmanship and entertainment venues, have become a showcase for companies who want to publicize their product through rental spaces. For sale or demonstration work we observe different stand points that will be key when it comes to achieving good results, such as the type of customer and product we have.

For example, we sell high-end or premium on a golf course but not in the metro. Or if you sell products such as gloves and scarves coat must choose a place near the exits. To locate our booth but we think the attitude, mentality and willingness with which our customers come to these places and see the factors that will motivate you to make the purchase. Another example, if we sell something related to the car we must place our booth near the parking. Another point for having to put a stand in these leisure spaces is that the coordinators or heads of sales teams have better control of vendors and can thus establish a quantitative and qualitative control more efficient. It is also important that we stand vendors trained, ie they know the potential customer to define and convey the virtues of our product or service. Must have a thorough knowledge of market and industry in which they operate. Thus the seller may advise correctly and this will become more positive results. A stand may consist of a desk and some accessories such as roll-ups, stands or stands modularesa design. This is another point to consider: what kind of need we stand in our product, the number of sellers or place where we're going to ride. To be the sale, not everything, we must consider our stand in our marketing strategy and good value options, in addition to, if possible, seek an expert to guide and help us decide. Sivan Solutions Com marketing marketing consultant in the company SIVAN marketing solutions, with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. Specializing in supporting small and medium enterprises in the area of marketing and communication.


April 9th


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