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WHAT IS SEGITUR The State Company for Tourism Information Management, SA (SEGITUR) was born in late 2002 as a means of liaison between new technologies and promoting tourism. SEGITUR’s mission is to develop new technologies related to tourism and promote the use of the same among the industry players in order to strengthen the leadership position that Spain occupies in the world as a tourist destination. To do this, SEGITUR complemented by the use of new technologies Turespa a work in promoting and marketing of Spanish tourism abroad, such as gate management of tourism in Spain www.spain.info.Around this platform, SEGITUR develops strategic initiatives to increase brand visibility and bring Spain reliability and quality to the image that tourists perceived online. COVER LETTER SEGITUR intended from birth assist the tourism industry through the use of new technologies, which have had a direct effect on how to organize the trip, very significantly increasing the number of people traveling to Spain without package. Given this new circumstance, the General Secretariat of Tourism approved the creation of SEGITUR Company which is at the forefront of new technologies with our projects responding to the most demanded by industry. In short, SEGITUR aims to contribute to Spain continues to occupy a leading position in world tourism, making our tourism industry is increasingly competitive and identifying the tourism sector with advanced technologies in terms of new concerns. PROMOTING THE USE OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES To promote the use of new technologies, especially in the Internet field in the tourism sector. Hamed Wardak ONLINE MARKETING Online marketing support for Spanish tourism products and services. IMPROVING THE EFFICIENCY OF THE TOURISM SECTOR Provide appropriate tools to generalize access to new technologies. AOL is often quoted as being for or against this. ONLINE PROMOTION Support for online promotion of Spain as a tourist destination. STATISTICS The tourism portal of Spain received 6.3 million visits in the first half of 2006, 30 more than in 2005. Have been created over 7,200 websites, with an average of 120,000 visits and over 4,000 bookings per month. The online campaign in 2006 Turespa a was present in 21 countries and got more than 5.3 million hits. 43.2 of foreign tourists visiting Spain in 2006 used the Internet to plan your trip. PORTAL OF TOURISM IN SPAIN The Spanish tourism portal was born in June 2002 to take advantage of new technologies and new channel of information, promotion and tourism marketing. www.spain.info is a tool that helps the tourist during the whole period of travel, planning and consultation before the trip while traveling across multiple devices, while it becomes a tool of loyalty after the trip. www.spain.info is oriented to the international market with a multi-language environment, a wide range of information on tourist destinations and services to assist planning. The portal is accessible, with maximum interactivity, the most powerful database available to the Spanish tourist industry, with over 200,000 records of structured information. Among the resources available on the portal include: 21 views guides, 15 virtual tours, 86 information subsystems, 230 videos, a thousand stories, 200 panoramic photographs, 36 computer graphics, 56,000 photos, audio hundred files, 250 digital brochures, 150 reports locution, and so on. TECHNOLOGY FOR TOURISM SERVICE The factory SEGITUR content created with two objectives, to create specific content for Spanish tourism promotion and add contents of private and public providers, most notably those of the autonomous communities.


December 17th


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