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Robert Kiyosaki
by Tam

Do not laugh, it's not a joke, but the psychological factor, tuning your mind to search capabilities. Another stereotype – copying their parents. In families where able to handle money, a child growing up financially literate. And in families where every penny spent, buying sometimes absolutely necessary things, the child grows up completely ignorant of financial matters. If your parents and grandparents never set aside money for the future, and you have to date, no savings. If your parents leisure time spent at home watching television, then you, as an adult, do the same. And in families where the father or the mother worked part time at the weekend, a child when he grows up, will also seek additional earnings, and hence the additional income that can be set aside for the future, or to spend on any purchase. And so on. Stop copying their parents, they lived in another country, the ussr, then the time was another, and life was simpler. Do not be lazy, read books by authors such as Robert (download them here:) Bodo Schaefer, and our local sponsors – Kirill Kirillov, Dmitry Oberderfer. Find more ability to earn income. Such possibilities sea, you just have to decide what you best know how to do and how to turn this skill into a source of income. Naturally, this will require effort and time, and you do not have one year have to work hard to gain financial freedom and independence. But it's worth it. The third stereotype – I want everything at once. We all remember the fable of Krylov, where the raven as a God sent a piece of cheese, or the tale of the chicken Ryaba when She laid an egg, but not simple, and gold. So it happens in life. Someone in Australia inheritance left, and someone won the jackpot at the casino, the lottery, or won a contest. But such cases are few, and wanting to get everything at once a lot. At all will not suffice. Therefore, we need you to understand that wealth is not dumped from the sky in the form of an inheritance or winning the lottery, and created over the years. All at once does not happen. Want to be rich – please be patient. Explore literature on investment and select the most suitable investment vehicle. I would have to start a limited bank account with replenishment and monthly capitalization of interest. There may be postponed their additional income. Such contributions increase your contribution to someone like a snowball or an avalanche. First, the result is not noticeable, but the more you fill up the deposit and the longer it will lie in the bank, the more palpable will increase as a percentage. So the only way wealth is created, bit by bit, piece by piece, and not one year. Do not chase after Jack, do not wait for manna from heaven, and look at things realistically. And if you still lucky, give orders this gift of fate wisely. Here are three main reasons that prevent us to become rich. Change your mind, your attitude towards money, break the stereotypes. Your financial well-being in your hands! It all depends on you! You – the creator of your destiny and your happiness! Good luck, success and financial well-being!



January 18th


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