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Almost all programs have a function of viewing history. In some History is preserved in part, that not all events are recorded. Very useful opportunity to celebrate the history of events such as repairs, MOT, breakdown and so on. Naturally, the program should search tools equipment on certain events. Otherwise, the meaning of the history of a few lost. Most programs offer only a view of history a particular device.

All three of the above criteria are closely related to implementation of the reporting system. The absence of convenient data retrieval tool can negate the benefits of a program. Reports – this is your primary tool. It should be simple, fast and multifunctional. Typically, the programs offered a range of accounting standard reports. In some programs, you can manually edit the printed report forms that might be useful. It should be noted attention to the ability to export the report data – not always a means of data sampling can meet your needs and may require post-processing of data. The basis of any accounting system – a database.

Of its choice depends on security, performance, multi-user ability and ease of administration. Before you decide on the choice of accounting system, find out whether it is possible to back up databases, how long spent on its restoration in case of failure, how to migrate the database to another computer, can there be a multiplayer mode. Here is an example of the practice. Was chosen as the accounting system in an organization where there is many branches and taking into account the dozens of people involved.

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November 7th


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