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Those who profess other religions may say: How can we believe what the Bible says if their testimony comes from Jesus or his disciples? Well here is when I said what I always come saying: "Open mind" and start thinking with a creative mind. To give an example as I usually most of the time, you will make the following analogy: When you are place to read books by various authors dealing with the law of attraction, if his teachings serve them, they will not ignore them because the author is a Muslim, Jew, Protestant or whatever religion, let alone going to change religion. So why not take the reading of the Bible, or else the quotations referred to by many authors when they want to pour the teachings in order to successfully execute the law of attraction. The fact that Jesus is for many the son of God does not mean that as students of this "law" as we set aside if his words are successful. What I mean is that Jesus and those who wrote the Bible must be considered as authors of the world's most famous book, but ultimately for our purposes they are still authors.

Therefore it matter if you do not believe either that a majority says he is the son of God, or believe in what he says the rest of it was just a man. Ultimately that changes what we intend to whether Jesus was just a bearded hippie. Do you understand what I want to convey? What I say is: put aside the religious connotations and note on the merits.



October 11th


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