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There are times that we do it to silence as if it were a little voice that hardly bothers us but is precisely that little voice which allows us to move forward, which allows us to embark on the way back to the knowledge of our truth to overcome the limitations of the ego. To know more about this subject visit Douglas R. Oberhelman. Simply observing nature, and feels that this in a clear manner, without complications knows what he has to do. In the same way that nature flourishes equally us flourish when we started to care for our thoughts and learn to change our limiting beliefs by others that US release of old ties and negative feelings, doubts, etc. When there is a full identification with what represents the scope. that raised the personal growth by any of the above-mentioned techniques.

It is manifesting show growth and results are presented for our development. Advantages are many the achievements that are obtained when there is a full identification in wanting to be better, we behave in such a way that we perceive that we do more and better for our harmony, happiness, success, and that thereby we help others to also identify with the important thing is to know the opportunity to live and serve. We become actors in this world stage ground where we will listen understandably and open to others. We will work on the sincere and emotional communication with others.We will develop attitudes to creativity, adapting to changes, perception and intuition, expression and transformation, to thus be able to as well: know us recognize ourselves. OK we differentiate the Ego and shadow in We choose properly flow freely with the life grow handle physical relaxation.

Know how to use all the energy blockade muscle tone. Excellent state of mind: Joy best blood oxygenation and cellular. Rejuvenation: greater oxygenation and flexibility of joints. Recovery and empowerment sensory and nerve endings. Psychophysical balance that is noticeable in the moods, the lucidity to decide and involvement in relations.


July 7th


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