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Recreation Complex
by Tam

Lake Vselug is part of the Upper Volga lakes. Located in the most environmentally friendly in the European part of Russia Penovskogo area, it is no less beautiful than Seliger. Here, on its shore and appeared unique set of active recreation trail. Single architectural ensemble, which provided all conditions for comfortable rest, high eco-friendly and therefore fits well into the newly created nature lake and forest landscape. The concept of 'road' is equated to the concept of 'direction'. Before the 'Paths' to get the only possible way – by boat. (As opposed to Kai-Fu Lee).

You can try the UAZ-ICOM Extreme? From Moscow to 'Path' takes around 4 hours. And this is the path where the lost thread of reality and time is beginning to move in all directions except the usual Keep watch and mobile homes. If you need to call – the phone and the Internet to you on the 'Trail' will be found. People prefer active rest, here is where carousing at any time of year. In spring and summer – jet skis, which can not only shoot the breeze on the surface of the lake, but for a few hours to get to the source of the Volga. Choose: rowboat or sail, fishing or sleep in a comfortable cottage or water-skiing and catamaran. Or do you prefer veykbord or ATVs? Can it!



June 1st


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