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I do not know will have hope until the end of the breath, or if the life will be capable to answer all my investigations, I always lose very imagining as the things will be in the future, or as they had been in the past. I ask myself if valley the penalty everything that I make or will use one day. They are simple questionings, for a mind ' ' jovem' ' , I would say, could and have be more complex, but the uncertainty of a productive mind is not capable to compromise the brain thus, so pretensiosamente. Perhaps the people thank to one day such concern, if and if this to make some difference in its lives and, this, is only banally understandable. It is interesting to notice that the accomplishment of some improvement always interests all, even though to that if not interested parties say, as well as also affects to all direct, or indirectly. thinking better not only an improvement, I would say any modification. He is clearly that drastic modifications interest much more, as well as affect much more. The truth is that it is difficult to understand because we deveriamos to think or worrying in them in the modification of something if we can live perfectly without having that to make no alteration.

this is a question, at least, intriguer. After all it does not have as to take an initiative without before something in ' ' incomode' ' , and if nothing it bothers in them we continue to live the old and vulgar routine. The development of an idea that a priori seems banal, can be materialize in something fantastic, but &#039 is not far from easy to arrive at one; ' idea with end brilhante' ' , it would say that many times are not arrived, what he is sufficiently desanimador of a mathematical point of view. However without attributing to the mathematics the imperfection ' ' mecnica' ' of many of these ideas, and coming back toward the profile modifier of these, we can say that this is a considerable factor for the room and conformity of the people with the routine. The lack of will to think about something innovative, to search, to study, to formulate theories, to discover is also a factor that attenuates this behavior. Clearly that it does not justify not the development and let us say that if it does not justify at least explains. I do not believe that the people come to thus change of behavior of one hour pra another one, or that they start to think in different way. But I believe that daqui has some years starts at least thinking more, and I really have hope of this, I do not only know until when.



December 21st


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