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Quantum Physics
by Tam

US physicist draws up revolutionary thesis Manousakis goes yet one step further and claims that not only our consciousness, but also our dreams can be described as a quantum phenomenon. To do this, an authentic report that ceded the author by Mrs Elisabeth Hofbeck from Berlin with explicit permission to publish: a few years ago, I visited with my daughter my friend Val in key West (Florida). A few days later I fell asleep in the afternoon in front of the TV. My daughter played and my friend was on her job. I dreamed that she came and went shopping with my daughter. Then I was suddenly in my dream with Val in a big portal. I saw a large round Aquarium, which reached up to the ceiling.

Everything was lifelike, like in the sea. “Suddenly noticed three beautifully shaped stones and I told Val: look at this, how glorious is but the nature with the variety of their forms, which has produced.” Then I saw at an angle to the another page and saw an open restaurant. It looked as if it were no longer in operation. Wooden tables, wooden chairs, parquet floor, straight ahead was a bar and links of a black piano. I entered the room and looked around. Then I went behind the bar.

At that moment, I noticed that Val was no longer there. Instead came a man with filled bags and I realized that the restaurant was closed and he was one of the staff. Because the situation was embarrassing me, I hid behind the piano. The employee began to MOP the floor. Finally he spotted me. He was angry because I was supposedly responsible for the dirt. The dream ended abruptly at this point, because Val woke me up. I had to return effort right to the reality. My friend told me that you had been times at home. I would have slept but so beautiful that she wanted to wake me. Instead, she was driving with my daughter to do the shopping. Because I told you say dream and are how odd, that I even dreamed had that she was with my daughter while shopping. I told her every detail and she listened intently. The next day, she made the proposal to show me something after work. She went with us to a hotel and I thought nothing here only. When we were at the entrance, everything seemed so familiar. “I went up to the round Aquarium and saw it and said to Val: show friends on these stones, how beautiful they are.” There she showed on the open restaurant and meant, and what do you say?” I was totally perplexed, because the hotel and the restaurant looked just like in my dream. Val said, she already knew this hotel and wanted to surprise me so, so she said nothing the day before.” Descriptions like these are a strong indication of an all-encompassing reality described by the classical school physics only one-dimensional and therefore incomplete. Manousakis according to quantum physics provides a bridge to transcendence. In his revolutionary world are the modern natural sciences in any Opposition to spirituality. Rather, both as internal unit are inextricably linked. Rolf Frobose of the text is an excerpt from the book of the author’s the secret physics of randomness: quantum phenomena and fate – the quantum physics can explain Paranormal phenomena? “. Edition BoD, 2008, Norderstedt. Price: EUR 14.90. There are many other authentic reports. Link to the book!



June 1st


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