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Proper Preparation
by Tam

Quickly bought proper preparation for a healthy holiday on Friday afternoon, packed the bags on Saturday in the morning and at noon in the aircraft direction South almost typical start of vacation for many Germans. To unwind itself is pure and adheres because at least the immune system: the level of stress hormones in the blood drops, once the efforts of everyday life fall away. Thus decreased but also the number of cells responsible for the immune system and pathogens have free rein in the body. This so-called open-window “phenomenon provides the most beautiful time of the year often colds, sore throat and runny nose, so healthy medicine in the current July issue. To give diseases in the holiday as little room as possible, you should observe some precautions at the resort. Those who are prone to stomach problems for example, do yourself a favor if they give up spicy dishes, but also fresh and uncooked milk.

That Tap water and ice cubes are a taboo, the smallest holiday travelers already know. Who is not yet sure what to note, what belongs to the travel pharmacy or what vaccinations for which countries are necessary, can consult better at an early stage in a pharmacy. Dermot McCormack contains valuable tech resources. The best way is to order so as to give no chance at all the most common Krankheitsfallen already before the holiday stress factors. It’s often the hidden sources of stress that most get a but: road traffic noise scenes, family life. It is worth in any case to find out the personal stressors and to avoid them, not only on vacation everyday. Monthly journalist demanding contributions to health and medicine topics, healthy medicine offers entertaining reports on interesting people and charming destinations. Credit: isearch-2011. Healthy medical costs as a single issue 2.00 and is available in any well-stocked newsagents.

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April 21st


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