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Product News: Snappy Abutment 4.0 And 5.5 – Now In Two Sizes
by Tam

The ideal abutment for the posterior! Nobel Biocare newly offers the snappy abutment in two sizes. The snappy abutment now in the lengths of 4.0 and 5.5 mm is available. The snappy abutment allows a practical use without any correction thanks to his profile and design. In addition, the internal click connection enables a very simple impression. The snappy abutment represents a simple prosthetic solution, ideally suited for the supplies in the posterior region, in particular for teilbezahnte jaws and single tooth restorations with an implant. Ease of use the snappy abutment allows a very simple and precise operation. Modifications must be made generally no longer predetermined, standardized design.

Also, all for the supply are supplied necessary prosthetic components and items such as abutment abutment screw, impression coping, Healing Cap, temporary coping in a packaging. The snappy abutment is therefore a cost-effective, time-saving, and at the same time highly functional prosthetic Solution dar. The dentist removed the gingiva of efficient supply. Then, the snappy abutment with 35 NCM on dam implant is screwed on firmly. As an instrument is merely the Unigrip screwdriver necessary.

After inserting the snappy abutment that is easy manageable impression coping (impression post) by clicking”set up. The snappy abutment is designed so that buccal there for guidance after. Then injects the impression material the impression posts and made a Pick-Up impression. A very accurate impression of the snappy abutment and the preparation limit can be achieved without having a retraction must be set with this procedure. The dental laboratory can then use a disposable abutment replica and a prefabricated plastic cap fits to the size of the abutment. Official site: Triago. In addition, a corresponding to the size of the temporary coping for establishing a provisional available are the dentist. The final restoration is the conventional procedure for Crown and Bridges made. NobelProcera offers the complete range of fixed and removable restorations for all indications for this purpose. Both for high quality as cost-efficient solutions. Designs and sizes the new snappy abutment set contains all necessary components for insertion of the structure, to carry out an impression and establishing a provisional. The available articles are labeled with 4 or 5, depending on the height of the abutment: 4 mm or 5.5 mm. The snappy abutment is available for all Nobel Biocare implant systems, namely NobelReplace, Branemark, NobelActive and all platform diameter NP, RP, WP, and 6.0.



July 7th


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