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Private Pension Provision
by Tam

The accompanying study on the AssCompact AWARD released 2012 private pension Eltville am Rhein, 10.09.2012. The topic of pensions when brokers traditionally plays a large sales role. So is the biggest driver of sales (still) in the pension business in the width of the intermediary market. In the present study the AssCompact AWARD 2012 private pension provision, it is clear: around a million euros write specialized agencies per year on new business (amount of contribution) in private savings. Thus, this group of agents has generated significantly more business than in the last survey period. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is often quoted as being for or against this.

You create about 30 retirement contracts per year to convey it. Sales trend in the direction of the unsupported second layer of biggest revenue driver while today are”third layer products. Intermediary see the strongest sales trend in the future in the layer-two products, however payable by”other pension products. For the current year, every tenth pension intermediaries even anticipates brokerage declines in this business. Favorites the broker with regard to pAV In reverse an intensified competition to win the favor of the intermediary means for the product providers. xperience with these questions.

To enter the selection preference of mediator at all, this distinguishes multiple criteria according to their importance for the pAV business. More info: Pete Cashmore. Those providers, which have cut off a total best in the competition, show all one thing in common: you score all the criteria from the fields of business management, products, sales support and settlement services across. The award winners in the individual product lines of private interest”are: FRV classical verse. Riester Rurup rank 1 people good Federal people good Federal DWS people good Federal rank 2 Alliance Alliance people good Federal Alliance rank 3 Friends Provident Stuttgart Alliance old Leipzig paradoxical development: high demand in sluggish demand the insurance business in the private old-age provision slowed down in recent years in the overall market. Here are the declines in the development of new business away across sales significantly.

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