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Press Plastic Injection Molds: Types, Elements, Stages Produc
by Tam

Clamping force for the injection mold can range from tens to thousands of tons of casting cycle time may last only 5-6 seconds. In addition, there are various technologies casting compound (multi-component, molding with gas assembly in the form, etc.). According to our estimates, the annual growth of Russian market of injection molding over a thousand units. Each injection molding is necessary to provide at least one mold. The number of mold on a injection molding machine varies depending on the assortment of the company's products and production plans of the company.

Practice shows that one injection molding machine, have an average of two to five mold, with a tendency to increase the number of used enterprise mold from year to year is becoming more evident. This situation is associated with the desire of the Russian manufacturers of plastic products increase their competitiveness in the market, including with respect to imported products by expanding the product range, applications in products of original design, color, texture. To implement such aspirations, in the beginning is the idea that release of plastics and in the end – mass production and marketing of plastic products desirable company needs a specific set of molds, which differ a structural complexity of their individual performance for each case. Stages of production molds in the most general form of the production stages of the mold shown in Figure 1. If consider each stage separately then we get an integrated complex process that takes months of work of various experts on computer modeling, preparation of technical documentation, manufacturing and processing components of the mold.

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March 25th


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