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What is a stock photo, photo-banks and how to work with a photographer? Let’s start at the beginning. Russian language, less literary, the term ‘Stock Photography’ can be translated as ‘archival photo’ (Stock – stock, have availability, range, as any collection of objects, characterized by a set of common features). That is, stock photography can be any image, posted in the photo bank. But still, we can give something which definition – a great technical picture is not created under a specific project, and the transmission is any idea, or itself a source of ideas. As mentioned above, these photos are placed in photobanks, just yet called photo agencies and photo stock. Roughly speaking, this catalog pictures a variety of topics. So mikropeymentovye photobanks feature of these banks is that the cost of each photo sold through standard type of licensing is very small, usually one or a few dollars.

Of these, the photographer gets 20% -80%. But due to the large number of sales achieved significant revenue. Although several types of licenses, yet the lion’s share of sales is just the standard. The same picture can be sold several times a month, sometimes hundreds, although it may not sell at all – a lot depends on the content of the image (see below). One important detail – uploading image in such a bank, you do not lose it copyrighted, and may as well post this same image in a similar photo-banks to profit from there. A bit about licenses Buying a snapshot of the expanded license, the buyer has the right to use images in publications, which allows to use images for commercial purposes, where the reproduction of these photographs of a financial Profit: in promotional products, corporate brochures, on packaging, Web sites, multimedia projects, etc.



December 18th


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