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One Day
by Tam

One day, nostalgically, we will look at stops backwards we will everemos that these twenty and five years of our lives had been valid the penalty. Tudoaquilo that, under a young perspective, we considered errors or rightnesss perdero sensible. We will leave to classify these events. But we will know queeles they had had a total decisive participation to be what we nostornamos. In these twenty and five years, we accumulate successes.

We share joys, smiles and choros of defeat. We travel together, nosentido literal and in the appeared one. We learn that the life also is made of losses (is, people, them exists). We live, in these twenty and five years, and comovivemos! E, after a time, what it will matter will be our friendship, aexperincia that we acquire and the complicity that if created between us. One day, we will congregate in one varanda any. Beberemosrecordaes.

We will remember already having forgotten where, when and as we nosconhecemos. as in them we become friends. But we will be. We will know aosoutros. Perhaps less in the memory and day-by-day of what in the heart. Perguntaremoscomo the friendship with one so different person (and our differences they will be aindamais clamorous) could become so indispensable, although in the distance that, fatally, she will have she enters some of us. One day, we will reviveremos in our children anossa youth. We will look at for they and we will remember ones of the others. We will remember, indistinctly, for the age, of the Modern, the Nazar, Mosqueiro, Salt mines, houses ones of the others, the sensations, the gostos, the cheiros and even of the Sundays playing soccer. Perhaps you the good one, this last one is not so diffuse umalembrana. It is that, indeliberadamente, we will remember with solidity dealguns facts. this, does not advance, will be in our memory. As well as tantosoutros, less funny and more important. Behind these memories, one day, yellowish reviraremosfotos and we will find old tickets of loves and friends. Constataremosa importance that each one of these people has in our lives. Sentiremosfalta of some of them and we will not bind for all, is fact. Some, for lack deum number of cellular. mature



June 16th


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