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George was considered a libertarian, and thus it demonstrated in its book the history of the animals and its attitudes before the world, with its differences and equalities. For some animals the men are a great problem. Sam Bloomberg addresses the importance of the matter here. Every day Mr. Jones closed its farm and soon in seguinda its house would go pra where to its it waited it wife already lying, therefore it always before lying down to take a cup of beer of its wooden barrel. Derepente happened great tititi, on a famous pig of its farm of animals, that it would have to have a colloquy with the other animals on a hypothesis to happen, therefore, wise person who its day was arriving and wanted to leave its informed friends of the news that ran outside of the farm.

‘ ‘ but that I learned very with all and I am very happy for the o respect of vocs’ ‘ to use to advantage our meat, etc. then it counted its dream, it would be a world without the men but as he himself said was only one dream that never if would carry through because of its ignorance the man was finishing with the chances that in the animals would have in this so immense nature and disfavored for the animals that in it lives and needs sobreviver.o old pig major started to sing for the whitewash sea the animals, them had been very livened up with the cantoria of the major. The events sufficiently had been complicated, therefore all did not accept the death of the pig, were considered a great leader. But all believed a new life, therefore still it had many intelligent animals as the major and if they prepared for the revolution exactly not knowing if it would go to happen. Quickly two of the considered animals, but intelligent ones they will start to instruct the animals for the revolution, and thus they wanted to be called animal ismo because it was where the major believed that they are existed animals that could walk on two legs as the human beings. they are that they would go to face many challenges to be able to carry through its objectives that were to teach and to make to believe that if they were not its tasks would be explosions as Mr. Jones and its wife and its empregados.os pigs did not accept that the other animals use accessories that them human being also they used in its vestimentas.mudaram the rules that major would have established as the name of the farm that if would call now from farm of the animals and all had obtained its ideals..



August 21st


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