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La Magdalenason
by Tam

Santander is an elegant coastal city which extends along a Bay overlooking the Cantabrian Sea. One of the most important attractions is its historic centre, which brings together a group of historic buildings that were erected in the midst of an incredible natural scenery of sea and mountains. Since most of the hotels in Santander, visitors can see magnificent panoramic views. The mythical beach of El Sardinero, the promenade and the peninsula of La Magdalenason its most representative symbols. The cultural attraction of the Cantabrian capital is enhanced with the passing of the Camino de Santiago and the caves of Altamira, both declared world heritage sites. Santander is a city that is can demonstrate almost intuitively their different vocations, as well as where you can see its deep-rooted tradition seafaring, trade and tourism. The Paseo de Pereda, with its houses of viewpoints, and its beautiful gardens set up a neuralgic area that separates the coastal line of the old town. The Cathedral on the other hand, is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and one of the many must-see places. But the monumental complex of Santander is very broad, and can assemble gorgeous tourist circuits at any time of the year. To you expect to learn this fascinating destination in Cantabria?.



July 23rd


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