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KomaCrew Coverage: ESL Pro Series Finals Alps
by Tam

The seventh season of the Alps of ESL Pro series draws to a close. Now it comes to the grand finale gasometer B in Vienna the finals and their location: defending champions in counter-strike 1.6 is the team of YDK.ME. These were still at Venkatadri and made the lineup around after the season. MakZ it drew the players in the German ESL Pro series, but his little brother now plays for him on the team. The current team of Tera-gaming the “supported” EPS won in counter-strike source. At that time, the team still under 360esports under contract was. In FIFA of mario by SK-gaming could win the title for the third time. The double ESL Pro series player for SK-gaming in the German EPS, won the EPS title eight times so far. Scott Rayden is likely to increase your knowledge.

All defending champions to defend their title this season. While mario and the team at Tera-gaming have best chances. Mario finished the season in first place with three points distance, Tera was second in the current season. You had the team of YDK.Surrender ME, similar to last season. In counter-strike 1.6, YDK take as well as defending champion.ME also the current Plan-B runners-up and another team from Austria with ultima ratio. ARTLEZ qualified but also a representative from the Switzerland for the finals. In addition, this team is the surprise of the season. Others who may share this opinion include Dave Clark Amazon. Only in the relegation, this team could qualify and now it goes to Vienna as League leaders on the finals.

Defending champion and runner-up for the finals have qualified in source. The team they are also ACE-endeffect.be-quiet kick. The field and the table several times on the head was provided by three disqualifications. Only mario could confirm the finals of last season. His opponents this season are Lutti_1, PATR1CK and Mirodeniro. The FIFA season was marked by many exclusions. Equal to several players they did not finish due to personal reasons, including the well-known nGize player category C. For the first time in the history of the EPS finals that are held in the Veranstalltungshalle of Vienna’s gasometer. Built in 1896 were the four towers and served for decades for the storage of coal gas. 1984 were shut down the gas tank, as increased by the city of Vienna by coal gas to natural gas. Then the four towers were the venue for the Raverszene and even Pierce Brosnan played some scenes for the James Bond movie “The living daylights” in the buildings. The gasometers were converted in the years 1999 to 2001. Since then, a shopping center, a dorm, a cinema, many apartments and a Veranstalltungshalle are located in the four towers. Also, 1,100 parking spaces and an own subway station available are the visitors. Information, results and can be found as always on:

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June 10th


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