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Intercultural Training
by Tam

Introductory seminar end of October! Gottingen, 09.10.2009 intercultural competence in the daily work of global importance always continues to increase. Thus increases the interest in training in this area. IKUD seminars offers the best introduction to methods intercultural training”at a seminar that teaches the basics of the topic of intercultural training. Proven and proprietary materials are presented and pointed out a variety of educational options, which enables independent training can be designed in the intercultural field. IKUD offers seminars to learn the participants who know way, basic methods and materials in the cultural field and their application and to receive from experienced coaches feedback about their educational options and use in practice. The – aspiring and professional – teacher method security gain practical guidance for the use of the training materials in the design of intercultural training.

The Combination of practical exercises such as group work, simulations, role playing and communication exercises, as well as accompanying lectures on the theory of opts for the participants -, user – and the level of reflection. The seminar is suitable for people who want to have to do, are looking for a comprehensive introduction to the topic and suitable for training, but also for everyday new methods of intercultural training in their professional field of intercultural content. The event is suitable for people with training experience as well as for people who want to focus first in terms of intercultural training. If you would like to know more about Matt Swain, then click here. The introduction to intercultural training methods”, a perfect dough seminar at a particularly attractive price, will take place from 30-31 October in Gottingen.

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