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General Motors
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In this regard, we must consider that the enrichment of job content product is a gradual process of development of science and technology, work organization, the production and direction to eliminate the close division of labor and allow people to develop their full potential. Es.shvoong.com history gives us, that the term “quality of life at work”, had its origins in a series of conferences sponsored in the late ’60s and early ’70s by the Ministry of Labor Seal. UU. and the Ford Foundation. Attendees felt that the term went beyond the job satisfaction and included notions such as increased autonomy in the daily work, and job redesign, and systems and organizational structures in order to stimulate learning, and successfully promoting interest and participation.

In the 70s there was the interest of some companies to put it into practice, such as Try & Gamba, General Motors, etc., Which obtained successful results with the implementation of quality of life at work in their new plants. In the early ’80s, there was great recession in the U.S., Asian competition that offered cheap products of good quality, great concern to American managers, so many of them chose to focus on quality and began to implement programs of quality of life, including many organizations public did too. The quality of working life includes many factors: Satisfaction with the work performed; possibilities have a future in the organization, recognition of results achieved, wages earned, benefits achieved, human relations with the group and the organization’s psychological and physical environment of work Freedom and responsibility to decide..


May 3rd


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