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France Telecom
by Tam

Losing network operators and service providers gain study: telecom industry in Germany needs the Google gene and less engineering thinking Dusseldorf/Barcelona, February 11, 2009 – the increasing market saturation, as well as further falling prices lead to significant shifts and a further consolidation and acquisition wave in the German telecommunications industry. A recent study by the consulting firm Booz & company with views of the World Mobile Congress, which takes place in Barcelona from 16 to 19 February reached this result. Structurally, we have a saturation of the classic telecommunications market. Due to the recession but many developments are accelerated, which were already planned\”, said Dr. Roman Friedrich by Booz & company in Dusseldorf. Sales in the core markets of mobile spoiled by double-digit growth rates and fixed network operators are to fall in an average of 1.1 per cent by 2012. Reducing the turnover in Germany for classical voice and data services despite the significant increase in transported volumes of 44.3 billion Euro in the last year to 42.4 billion euros in 2012. The margins are dramatically move by the network operators to service providers.

New technologies would accelerate this shift. Similar trends in other European countries. The telecommunications companies must recognize that growth requires successful innovation and has other success factors as the network business. So innovation models are, for example, open, similar to that seen by Apple or Google, in the future more systematically to apply much. A new management focus, new organisational structures, and entrepreneurial spirit is required to assert themselves in the market. The telcos need the Google gene and less engineering thinking\”demanded Frederick. Swisscom and France Telecom would go this way.

In Germany, it was also recognized, at least in the strategic business units. Internet experts say however skeptical about the future prospects of the telecommunications provider. A Google economy, German firms are still light years away.



October 30th


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