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Rooms must be ventilated for a short time, but intense. All windows and doors should be opened. Short and intensive aeration will not dissipate the heat from the walls, so that heat loss will be small. Slightly open window – this is not an adequate alternative to extensive disclosure within a short period of time. 10. If your home is severely infected with mildew – the only solution is to induce experimental assistance.

In many cases, was reported positive effects of moving from raw and ‘musty’ dwellings in the building without similar problems. 11. Ventilate wet clothes before you hide it. 12. Not Keep the room dried flowers and wreaths, which often contain mold. 13. Avoid use of pillows, mattresses and furniture, rubber filled with foam, as they sweat musty.

14. It was found that the combination of these ‘Simple’ techniques such as more frequent opening of windows, lack of unheated rooms in the building in winter, the lack of drying clothes indoors, current repairs of cranes, a higher standard of cleaning, increased ventilation bathroom and a smaller number of potted plants, can lead to a significant decrease in the concentration of mold spores in the air is contaminated by fungi premises. 15. In patients with atopic dermatitis symptoms eased after the move to less raw space. In the case of asthma reported a similar effect – a decrease of drug treatment and improvement in lung function among asthmatics who moved into the room with a better indoor environment and is well ventilated. Remember, to prevent mold growth is much easier and cheaper than removing the fungus and eliminate the consequences of defeat and even more difficult get rid of Shashel! RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SELECTION biocide in shops and markets can be found through various means, claimed as a means of combating biovreditelyami and protection from them.

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October 19th


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