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Financial Literacy
by Tam

In this small article I would like to talk with you about the Internet and the importance of improving financial literacy, which can form the basis for our financial freedom. And the example I want to lead their own lives. On Today I live to 33 years. If you look back and observe what I was doing all this time, we can confidently say that I learned all this time. But as shown by my life and practice, then I have learned and acquired, not made me happy with his life by 100%.

The fact that I can do I really like, but unfortunately, no matter how much I did not earn all the time I'm out of money for all that, I do not drink, smoke, and still without a family. Tired, that is not always lacking enough money for his girlfriend, because he must constantly invest in a business otherwise suffocate the competition, but for the guy who could not splurge on once again the lack of loved ones money – a sore subject. The more you try to become stronger financially, the more you begin to stagnate. That means something in this life I'm doing wrong, or rather did (why did learn later). The pace of life so that you have all the time spend at work, helping a stranger to you people to solve their problems (I'm an auto mechanic, install gas equipment on the road), trying to earn more money and defer to the apartment, car or just to rest, that you rightfully deserve at least once a year. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Energy Capital Partners.

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January 20th


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