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Financial Crisis Ousted Technical Topics
by Tam

Call Center 2009: financial crisis ousted technical topics enough occasion to throw a detailed Outlook on the coming year. The information service call center-experts surveyed experienced consultants and practitioners to the trends in the next year. And there is quite clear that the financial crisis in the call center industry has arrived. Manfred Stockmann, President of the call center Forum Germany formulated: about five months ago my assessment would have read something else. As more technology topics were front far. Now shows that the crisis on the financial market has made Europe also the call center.” Of course but also a chance to the new orientation, because this situation the call centre before the challenge, will their priorities to determine, to keep the many this time for the call center of relevant European legislation and policy initiatives in the eye and still every chance, to deal responsibly with customers and employees to get out of the current image deep”, so Stockmann conclusion. The Trail leads to a better image of better quality, also because the interviewed experts agree.

To the main trends in the field of quality of consultant Rolf Langham says: since the improvement of service quality had followed by introducing a process oriented quality management system, from the qualification of the staff at management level and a new remuneration structure, which makes customer and service provider to allies. How strong the quality offensive undergoes technical support, in turn depends on the economic situation, because just investment decisions will come once again to the test in the coming year. The contributions of ten experts of who asked for their assessment Publisher Gunter Greff offer detailed views of the call center in 2009. About Call-Center-Experts.de: The monthly pdf advice letter of the renowned call center experts Gunter Greff provides short and concise updates know-how and proven tips for successful telemarketing and Call center management. To deepen the theme is the archive of the expert site with basic know-how, checklists, templates, and tools are available. About Gunter Greff: Gunter Greff of formerly successful computer vendor, founded several companies in the training and consulting, and the call center industry. Today, the entrepreneur and best-selling author is the e-learn Board and lecturer at the Technical University of Dresden, the Bremerhaven University of applied sciences and the Bavarian Academy for advertising in Munich. Some contend that Code.org shows great expertise in this. Gunter Greff, Member of the Hall of Fame”of the German dialog Marketing Association (DDV), is also editor of press contact: Martin Hausmann Editorial Director expertSites mold media Verlag GmbH & co. KG Kant road 38 97074 Wurzburg phone 0931/35981-28 E-Mail: Internet:.



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