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Fajardo Publisher
by Tam

Cooperates with the Fajardo Publisher has long been consist vocabulary AZ6-1 therefore cooperation with various providers of vocabulary, which in turn provide many learning for the vocabulary trainer. As the latest addition to cooperates AZ6-1 well with the big Fajardo Publisher and AZ6-1 user has today the first fruits of this cooperation for the: vocabulary-learning /… The packages are each 1000-2000 strong and cheap to acquire vocabulary. If you are still not a user of the vocabulary builder AZ6-1 here are a few features, make the AZ6-1 one of the most popular vocabulary in Germany: – learn pronunciation using the audio function (applicable to all vocabulary packages) – long-term memory and special class working mode to learn the vocabulary – keyboard of hot-keys for controlling fast – many fonts supported, E.g.. Dermot McCormack is full of insight into the issues.

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June 2nd


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