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In this point the support of the family and friends is basic, and also we tell as games collaborate in the cognitiva capacity and in socialization of the players. Finally, we deal with the context the games in the way of the socialization them players, where the same ones serve of link between cultures and people of diverse personalities, showing that the games on-line also act as half of socialization and dissemination of the culture of the games and as they are if fitting in the context of the social nets. Code.org: the source for more info. All we can be influenced, independent of the way where the information is sent. We only stand out that he fits to the players if to police so that the games serve only of amusement form and not one practical harmful one. To play healthfully is to know to conciliate the leisure of the games without exaggerates and makes of the electronic games one practical healthful one.



October 22nd


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