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Educating Adolescents
by Tam

The centres of secondary classrooms, filled with teenage students, mingle the illusion of some teachers, sometimes unable to control the impulses of their students, with indolence or interest of youngsters for a necessary learning for subsequent stages. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bryant Walker Smith. The class is a place of learning or should be. Teacher directs a group of young, instructs him, lectures him, trains it, practice with various aspects of their subject. In Exchange, students lecture the teacher every day. Their behaviors, their motivation or lack of interest, the teacher will learn throughout their working lives.

But when one begins in education, you are missing instruments to manage certain situations. Having a controlled class of twenty students is extremely difficult. Wanting to maintain the silence is a utopia. The teachers we often obsess with indiscipline, when we should be focused on a teaching. But if there is indiscipline, the teaching of our stuff is made impossible.

How to exit gracefully from? These situations? What can we do parents and teachers to make a more manageable task of our educational work? The answer is difficult. From this blog, we encourage you to ensure that your illusion does not decay, and we recommend that you consult any of the hundreds of books published on the education of adolescents. Which we propose is one that tells us the experiences, anecdotes, tips, advice from a professor who has been teaching at institutes of secondary education for more than 30 years. We hope to serve you, as we have done. Book: Simply, a Professor of secondary Pablo Pascual Lopez original author and source of the article


June 4th


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