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Economic Crisis
by Tam

Spain does not know how to resolve its economic crisis 17 April 2009 how is can get the Spanish economy of the current crisis? It’s the question that many we become. But more serious still, is this, the question that are formulated in the Spanish Government. And this is not a personal opinion, as the first Vice-President of the Government, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, acknowledged it in an interview granted to Europa Press: we believe that we are on the right track, but nobody knows when or how to get out of the crisis. A few days ago, the Spanish Government decided to the renewal of his Cabinet in an attempt to find a way out of the deep crisis that is going through the economy. So far, everything that has tried to mitigate the effects of the crisis has failed the expected success. No wait that changes in the Cabinet are the solution to the economic crisis.

There is no doubt that according to what is observed, Spain may not exit from the current crisis by itself. The Spanish economy will have to get out of this situation the rest of the countries. This means that it exceeded the crisis when the rest of the European economies (and the U.S. also, logically), begin to recover and generate a positive spill over the Spanish economy effect. They are not, at present, in discussion structural reforms that must be made in the Spanish economy to strengthen it and avoid that is so vulnerable to adverse situations such as the present.

We are currently discussing in Spain is generating impacts in the short-term to recover the economic growth of the country as soon as possible. Learn more about this with Neil Rubler. The measures taken to stimulate the economy, don’t seem to have any effect. Such is the deterioration of the Spanish economy, which for the first time, the same registered in the month of March, a rate of annual deflation of 0.1% (symptom, among other things, that domestic demand is not at its best).

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