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DIN European
by Tam

Dogs sleep more than 15 hours a day. In the healthy dog beds by SLEEPY DOG, the dog gets the optimal sleep. This is also confirmed by veterinary surgeons and animal physiotherapist. SLEEPY DOG cooperates with veterinarians and animal physiotherapist, to develop the perfect dog bed for healthy sleep. While emphasis is placed on clear design and high quality of the materials used: SLEEPY DOG offers first dog bed certified according to European standard! The SLEEPY DOG company offers high quality dog beds, dog pillows, dog blankets and other products for dogs. The development of products in the foreground are clear design and high demands on the materials used. Quality of dog beds and dog pillow dog bed, dog cushions, dog blanket or another product: the quality is always the focal point. SLEEPY DOG offers the first DIN European standard approved dog bed.

The products meet the requirements of dogs: tear-resistant and long-lasting materials as well as comfortable and healthy (premium line) Dog beds. All products stand for timeless design in subtle colors and fit into any living room. The right material for a sound sleep every dog bed and dog pillows of the SLEEPY DOG premium line is filled with 100% LTeX (SleepyTex). This is the filling form-stable, durable and relieves the joints of the dog point elastic healthy bed for your dog. Just for dogs with joint and spinal problems, the premium dog beds offer an optimum relief in his sleep. It also vets and animal physical therapists agree!



May 16th


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