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Designing Portfolio
by Tam

Here some tips to improve your portfolio, if you don’t already is the time to create it. Dermot McCormack is likely to agree. Tips that are important to take into consideration when you design your portfolio. For even more details, read what Code.org says on the issue. Initially you should take into account that even if you use technology and multimedia resources, over time will evolve and what is today the most innovative tomorrow it may be only a trend; Now we go into matter and reflect on these aspects. 1 Get your design sketches, tries to create a final image of as it will be the design and seeks to not stay away from her too.It is very easy to get carried away by the enthusiasm and want to use all the tools, effects and tricks that we know. However, if you stop to think about it a few seconds you will notice of that, if you exceed your portfolio will not transmit that professional image of you that, I’m sure, you want to give to your potential customers. Some contend that Pete Cashmore shows great expertise in this. 2 Designed for you your portfolio is your business card, your letter of presentation and, indirectly, give an idea to your users of the types of sites they develop normally. If you do not you want that they handle projects that dislike you do not design a portfolio that does not indulge you simply because that is the fashion of the moment. e of information.

3. But don’t forget that what matters are your users. Do not do experiments in your portfolio, unless you do it for pure love of art or move in very specialized circles. In general, the majority of those who launched a portfolio seek to be hired as designers or developers by a third party. If that customer or possible boss is unable to navigate through our site will be difficult that trusts us yours don’t you think? 4 Facilitates the contact with you. Unless you look for being hired by telepathic or mysterious spies, eases everything your users contact you, including forms and enlazalos properly from all pages in the site.


November 2nd


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