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Dental Prostheses
by Tam

More and more people want to no longer be satisfied with the inadequate basic care of the statutory health insurance. More and more people want to no longer be satisfied with the inadequate basic care of the statutory health insurance. Dental treatment and dental prostheses are now connected to immense costs on the basis of different health care reforms. Usually, a deductible of several hundred euro accrues for the insured. Are teeth more affected and need to be treated or replaced, so quickly very high costs on one can come to.

For this reason it through a dental insurance to hedge this is recommended. Currently there are no additional insurance, which covers the costs to 100%. A certain amount of equity always remains. This is total cost compared to the very low. By the statutory health insurance, the costs are basically covered to 50% in the basic care. This proportion can increase Bonushaft in a clean up to 65%. But no longer want with to many legally insured the base supply satisfied, but as better performance.

take for example inlays or implants in claims. The statutory health insurance is aimed at the reimbursement of services for the basic treatment. In a high-quality treatment expect then insured as required by law a reimbursement of approximately 30-35. The rest must be provided from his own pocket. Through a dental insurance this proportion can be reduced to a minimum. Before such dental auxiliary insurance exactly on the services and not only on the percentages, it is important to pay attention. By many companies, rates with high percentages are advertised heavily and often but don’t provide the services like inlays or implants. Services: General should make sure you always before graduating to performs which services the collective of society. Be sure, that the tariff of not only a reimbursement for primary care takes over, special is always the total costs involved. Waiting: For the area of the dental insurance is almost all Insurers a special waiting eight months before a service can be provided. You should consider this when graduating. Many insurance companies have also a so-called Dental Squadron. Get e.g. in the first year of a refund of 400 euro, in the second year of 800 euros and in the third year of 1200 euros. But this is different from company to company. Cost: The cost for a dental insurance are dependent on age and gender also strongly of the health of the teeth. People with bad or missing teeth should expect either a risk or may even be rejected. Bottom line: Who places value on a high-quality treatment and not independently want to bear the cost, for a dental insurance worth. Before graduating should however precisely on the desired services, attention be paid and who completes an additional insurance at a young age, can get low monthly payments.

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March 23rd


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