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Internet social networks social networking sites have become a great social phenomenon that revolutionizes the way to communicate and interact. For a little understanding this phenomenon in fast growth include in principle any basic definition that allows us to understand that it is a social network. Networks are forms of social interaction based on the theory of six breaks of separation. Everyone is located to 6 jumps from another person, the social network is defined as a dynamic exchange between individuals, groups and institutions in different and complex contexts. An open system and in permanent construction that involves sets that are identified in the same needs and problems and that are organized to boost its resources, one of its main features is the great capacity of transmission of information.

Users of social networks today there is not a standard stereotype of user of social networks. Anyone looking to participate in the universe provided by these, have free access to them, depending on registration systems that offer. However, by shaping the vast majority, young people are identified with the most characteristic user. Although it is well known that people of all ages use their tools for various uses. Therefore, there is not an age range established for the use of social networks, all are affected by them, both to benefit from their profits, as to suffer its consequences. What they used really? To be a tool for easy access and free of charge, its use greatly increased in society. Since they see in it a medium that opens its doors to many opportunities, becoming a mode of communication and transmission of social and public interest. There are many who believe social networks as indispensable.

Whether to meet other people, to communicate or simply gossip and keep abreast of the movements of ones and others, among other many operations. Mainly created to have connected to multiple people with something in common, for example: workers of the same company, students of a same race or doctorate, etc., in order to facilitate the relations and exchange of ideologies. They would thus, in spite of the distance, they remain connected thanks to its world area. According to the network of which concerned, it will be more relevant or not, since they allow an interaction between people from different countries, even continents, in only a few seconds. It is already known that Internet is a universal medium, and this enables the globalization of social networks. Do your users know the terms and conditions of these?


August 1st


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