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Damasco Paint
by Tam

Varieties ATF: ATF IL DECORO FACILE – antique effect of the walls; ATF IRIDESCENTI – the effect of ancient walls with pearlescent; ATF PERLESCENTE 'LUXORY COLLECTION' – effect ancient walls, pearl effect; Antico Damasco-decorative coating with the effect of "wet silk." Coverage on the basis of specific modern materials allow to achieve the effect of 'silk', for indoor use. Antico Damasco suits to create a palace interior, as well as the interior in classic style and modern style. Flock of paint – is insoluble dry emulsion acrylic chips (flock), which are applied to the acrylic base, which acts as a glue. They may be the same color and different shades. Form when applying slightly rough, very tough, three-dimensional form on surface.

This coating consists of three layers. First, the base coat is applied – a monochrome background. Then with the gun still in uncured surface sprayed flock. And finally, the top fixating lacquer is applied. Coating after applying a protective varnish is very durable, but applying such a coating technically more difficult than working with tile paint.

Because of the myriad hues flock to flock coloristic possibilities of paint almost as usual. However Floki are not only different flowers, but also of different shapes: round, star-shaped in the form of a thin straw, and various irregular shapes. This gives designers additional capabilities. There are also two-flock coating. They represent a system consisting of a flock of colored and transparent satin varnish on acrylic base. In the application of varnish mixed with Floki, after which the product is applied to the surface, pre-painted water-emulsion paint. The paint is still visible and serves as a background for the cover. Flock coatings based on aqueous dispersions have no smell, very easy to apply and content, and are highly resistant. Flock coating includes three components: – acrylic base, water-based slow-drying (200 g / m) – the traditional flock, and applied to uniformly wet basis (180 g / m and 200 g / m for the small flock) – acrylic matte or satin varnish to protect the surface damage and giving the final form (100 g / m).

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December 29th


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