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What’s Christmas without gingerbread – new from sugar bakery slowly fills the air itself again with these wonderful smells of gingerbread and tunnels. It smells of cinnamon, anise, coriander, cloves and cardamom and shows us, soon it is again, the contemplative Christmas time is coming. In many places, Christmas markets and even at home stirred the delicious ingredients together and the sweet seductive cookie and scented gingerbread baked. Then, the Christmas smell in the air is so sweet and so delicious. At the latest if the advent wreath decorates our domestic tables is the question then, as every year also the perfect Christmas gift for his loved ones on the agenda. This is traditionally the time for tinkering the advent and Christmas season and decorate suitable.

In the new country mirror which is available from 29th November at the newsstand, the experienced but also the inexperienced DIY friend will find many suggestions and how-to tips for festive decorating. With a few simple tricks appear beautiful table decorations for the Festival. Old heirlooms from the attic, cellar, the storeroom and mother’s chest of drawers come alive in a new light on a second life and can be combined to a unique table decoration for a most excellent way. And when delicious smells in the House gingerbread makes the crafting and decorating is twice as much fun. From Sugar Bakery: So headlines the country mirror of his recipe and gift idea for gingerbread heart. With the homemade gingerbread man brings the lovely Christmas smell in the House and with the simple recipes for gingerbread, brightly coloured, playful, times as gingerbread heart, cloverleaf, ladybug, or lucky, as jewelry, cloaks, hanging and gift or just to eat up, you can make a delicious and personal gift from the heart the loved one. So the anticipation of bright children’s eyes can come to Christmas, mulled wine, cookies, candles and studs.

Because: no Christmas gifts are homemade as beautiful as that with love. The new mirror of the country is now in the Station bookstores and available at the newspaper stand for 3,90EUR. Company Description country levels – naturally live and enjoy is the magazine for a value-oriented, understandable sustainable culture and stands for sustainable socio-political concerns and vibrant wellbeing topics. Trendy LOHAS topics and burning socio-political concerns as feeder like interesting find about healthy nutrition, natural garden, Bauen & Wohnen, energy, development, society, resources and much more. Life with nature, rural living and enjoy healthy for a natural and enjoyable life: country level as a supplement and extension to the magazine find readers in, commercial-quality additional offers. The print circulation is 200,000 magazine. Distribution via the Dorothy Vertriebs GmbH nationwide options appearance. The copy price is 3,90EUR the magazine is moved over the publishing and media company FOOXX GmbH from Bad Honnef, next to the mirror of the country also known as! technology and multimedia -. and how how to finance and economics magazine! moved. The publishing house is also leading marketers of digital value-added products in Europe.



March 11th


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