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COTS Place
by Tam

The concept of laydown Madrid is one only: enjoy the food in the middle of a dream. Its original name says it all, because in this place they want to that you you keep relaxed, comfortable, really in contact with rest and sobriety that has only this site. Originally, go that Yes we are talking about a place that deserves this adjective without a doubt. We can also frame, precisely alluding to the above, which is the only space in the Spanish capital where amid a sophisticated atmosphere you can lie. So is!, because there are no chairs, because there are no tables; COTS just special to make you relax. Yes; We already know that you can sound like a joke or something so, but check it by yourself (a).

There is no truly something very Orthodox that makes you think that this concept is like any other. Don’t forget that you can even have fun and relax with other very important proposals that Laydown has to fall in love so that you can return to this place with a smile. Thus it is; only you have the ability to live a unique experience that will make you feel happy, make you feel as in the midst of a beautiful and well weighted gastronomic tale. Every night is presented in Laydown a live show, so you can feel pleasantly only or deliciously accompanied by (a). Clear; don’t forget that you can always ask a special reserve so you can enjoy very beautiful and pleasant moments in which you combinaras satisfaction feel very good on a few really cute schedules. And cute is not an exaggeration, because the conformation of the place is also beautiful and you do you ask or think: why not met a restaurant so soon? As well, you already know it, and you can make ask who so is Laydown: a truly unique site, a site that makes you identify in a different way with both food and the concept of show given in the place as such. David S. Levine may help you with your research. Laydown is conveniently divided into two floors. In the first, has that feeling of cabaret, site in where at any moment you can find a wonderful presentation of dance where the ochre colour dominates at pleasure.

Then there is the second plant, where it can be certainly said it is a minimalist place, where the protagonist tone is undoubtedly the white and we can be more than insurance sitting in a very comfortable, cosy and distinctive. The cocktail bar that transforms Laydown at night is something that is worth mentioning. Because it connotes the internal versatility enjoyed this site itself. So can appreciate all the people who have found that this restaurant bar in the Spanish capital definitely stands out from the others. Come on, and do not leave out this opportunity to be in a place that you will wrap your senses positively.

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July 14th


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