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As opposed to the more conventional approaches when dealing with different types of ailments, flower medicine treats people, not diseases. The principle governing this discipline is based on the power of these remedies to achieve a direct influence on the emotions. The therapeutic procedure developed by the English doctor Edward Bach is based on a selection of 38 flowers with healing properties. They provide a means delicate and easy to alleviate negative attitudes and emotions in imbalance since they tend to repair our emotional balance. The theory of Dr Bach was that physical illnesses have an emotional origin, and that if emotional problems persist for a long period, disease in the body begins to appear. The effect of the flowers is the release stuck emotions to go directly to our essence and thus heal from what we are and not what we are accustomed to do.

The purpose of the floral is the grant her to every being the ability to balance your thinking with action and its internal needs. Allow you to retrieve security in themselves and open up to a new spiritual path in harmony and fullness. Dr. Bach flower medicine has shown having a blessing and a power to heal all kinds of suffering. To treat different cases with these scents is no account the nature of the disease, it is the patient in its entirety. This method shows that the concerns, fears, sorrows, anxieties which are behind any disease. With treatment it can prevent disease, enjoying the beneficial and restorative effect of the flowers. Lets you retrieve security in oneself, to open up to a more spiritual path in balance and fullness, enhancing the positive mood States and achieving a sense of well-being. It is recommended that professional has a position open and close attention to interpret what the State by which the person is going through and be able to correctly indicate the formula floral that the patient needs at that time. Bach flower remedies are beneficial, can be complemented by another type of treatment and are useful for adults, children, babies and plants.


August 24th


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