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Application for permit to empower contact on site and enjoy all its benefits. Catch the OpenID program designed to download music and videos on the site. She also sends alerts when a new letter from a friend. It allows you to download files from any pages of Contact: walls, partitions, video and audio. The program works this way: next to the audio and video files appears "Download", download speed is 500 kbps. Lovi vkontakte program saves time and money.

No more long search over the Internet, music and video. All that is required, we can find on the site. After all, OpenID has an extensive collection of audio and video content. Applications for Touch VKSaver allows downloading of music, contact, audio and video files – quickly and conveniently. The program is free, when the plugin is installed at the site below each video and audio file appears in the button "Download". The program 'Vkontakte DJ' is unique in terms of features and is designed specifically for the contact.

It is also designed to download music files to OpenID, but shall not download individual songs and entire albums of music. It finds for you all the songs from an album artist, you need no additional software for the contact, because not only Vkontakte DJ plays downloaded music, but also makes playlists. This will allow you to become a real DJ, make your own playlists and shuffle at a party different compositions. You can stream songs in order, randomly or looped. Is a function of displaying charts – more than two dozen Russian and world rankings show the most popular songs that can be downloaded with one click of contact. Programs VKPicture Contact different intuitive and simple interface designed to load on a wall or other groups of their own images, pictures and graffiti. Done everything two clicks – select another and then Pictures. Do not forget to click only on the site OpenID 'to publish on the wall. " The program allows VKPaint draw on the wall OpenID, and download a special picture for a contact. Painted graffiti you can edit, You can move the image on the wall completely. VKPaint supports two modes: download pictures directly, as well as "pererisovalku" graffiti. The program is used to spin ArxVkontakteGroup VKontakte groups. It allows you to automatically send an invitation to the group. In her many options. Important! If there is a lot of "spam", the group is removed. And so we talked about the most popular free programs. Choose under their specific purpose and use for pleasure.

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November 4th


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